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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

*What is Paperfly? 

Paperfly is the brand and community behind the Desi Planner to bring together South Asian women that want to take control of their time.

* What makes Paperfly unique? 

Paperfly is a space that acknowledges the cultural influences that make our time management journey unique, including societal pressures, immigrant backgrounds, imposter syndrome, and toxic perfectionism and positivity. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

*What is the Desi Planner? 

Desi Planner is the only South-Asian focused daily planner sold in the US and Canada. It includes 100+ holidays from various countries, religions, and regions within the Desi diaspora. 

*What can I expect from Paperfly/Desi Planner? 

You can expect our annual Desi Planner, which is released every year in October for the following year. You can also expect excellent resources such as the Time Management Workbook, free workshops, blogs, and other resources tailored to the Desi community.