Time, Imposter Syndrome, and Culture

I’ve said it before and I'll say it again. Imposter syndrome and time management are inextricably linked. Hear me out. 
If you grew up not fitting in and not knowing whether you belong, chances are, you are an overachiever as an adult. The quest to fit in often leads to hard work, to prove ourselves worthy, and to always exceed expectations. This means that we give the one resource we have and that has stayed constant through our lives: our time. 
We continue to give our time to others as we move through society, always feeling like we can be doing more. We watch people on social media living perfect lives, we try to meet the expectations of our cultures, our families, our surroundings. All this together, puts strain on our time and its demands. In turn, we start to feel guilt or shame when we take breaks, especially during time that we think we should be doing other things. 
Although imposter syndrome and time management are inextricably linked, in this space, in the Paperfly community, we embrace breaks and relaxation. And we reject toxic productivity culture. We encourage self love. Most importantly, we aim help with the mindset shifts and tools that can help you do all this. 
So, welcome, relax, breathe. Stay a while. 
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