The sisters behind Paperfly

Welcome to Paperfly

What is Paperfly?

o   Paperfly is a community, first and foremost. It has been simmering and building without having a name for a long time. It is going to be a place where we can interact with each other, through virtual and in person events.

o   Paperfly is also a curated store for paper goods, especially and always, the Desi Planner. The Desi Planner will be the flagship and anchor product for Paperfly. There will be new products, specifically digital calendars and other products that will be released throughout the year.

o   Lastly, it’s a place for conversation. Especially about topics that matter to our community. From productivity to the guilt associated with taking a break, and to time management and organization, we will cover the gam And through the newly launched blog! (psst: if you want to contribute as a guest author to the blog, send suggestions for topics here).

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